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All activities undertaken by Kidz in Focus are overseen by our welfare director, previously leader of child protection teams in Shropshire and Telford and Custodian of their Child Protection Register, whose role is to ensure the provision of the safe and secure environment in which we operate. The images we display on our galleries are all duel password protected and our sports publications and photography have the seal of approval from all the respective governing bodies.

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John Fletcher Year 6 portraits

John Fletcher Class Groups

St Peters Primary Edgmond

HLC Primary Class Groups

Crudgington Primary Portraits

Crudgington Primary Class Groups

HLC Yr 11 Year group and Prefect images

Prestfelde Class Groups

Shrewsbury School Ball

John Fletcher of Madeley

Wenlock Live Arts Festival

Telford Park Year Group

Bedstone College

Corbet School Leavers Ball

Tibberton Primary

Shrewsbury Academy

Telford Park individuals

Charlton Academy

Holy Trinty

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